Shihan Peter is a strong believer in maintaining a high standard of Karate including those students obtaining Dan grades and the responsibility that goes with the wearing of a Black Belt. Although running a very successful Dojo running for over 20 years, only a handful of students have been graded to the prestigious level of Black Belt.

Our Black Belt page shows our Dan Grades which are still training.

Shihan Simon Weaver 5th Dan

Sensei Simon was awarded the rank of Shihan in Jan 2020 - Karate Master!! Congratulations!!

Sensei Simon Weaver applied to the AMA Executive Committee for a Senior Upgrade in July 2018 - this was reviewed by the Board and it was an unanimous  decision to award him the grade of 5th Dan

We would all like to congratulate Sensei Simon on achieving his 5th Dan Black Belt!!!

Sensei Bernard Mabey 5th Dan

Sensei Bernard Mabey took his 5th Dan Black Belt grading under his Instructor Shihan Pete Wright 7th Dan, Sensei Simon Weaver 5th Dan on July 1st July 2023

The test started with Kihon Ido Yon, the most advanced moving basics in the Goju System, followed by Kata from the entire senior syllabus starting with basic Taikyoku through to Suparinpei Kata.

Once the Kata was completed Sensei Bernie had to perform all of the Bunkai for each kata in random order with a different partner each only being announced by the attacker 2 seconds before each attack. this as a continuous section lasting almost 7 minutes of relentless attacks from random partners

The final sections of the grading was Kumite and the remaining Kata, Sanchin and Tensho; during the Kumite where Sensei Bernie showed great skill and control.

We would all like to congratulate Sensei Bernie on achieving his 5th Dan Black Belt!!! - the grading was outstanding and Sensei Bernie was awarded the title of Shihan (Karate Master)