Shihan Pete Wright – 7th Dan Black Belt

Shihan Pete Wright began training in Martial Arts in 1988, in the style Yamaguchi Goju-Kai

Grading History:

  • 1993 Obtained 1st Dan Grade, under Sensei Ian MaGarity (5th Dan)
  • 1996 Obtained 2nd Dan Grade, European Panel, Hanshi Goshi Yamaguchi (8th Dan) + 6 IKGA Shihans
  • 1999 Obtained 3rd Dan Grade, under Sensei Mark Attfield (5th Dan)
  • 2003 Obtained 4th Dan - European Panel AMA Masters (Shihans)
  • 2008 Obtained 5th Dan Shihan - Technical Panel AMA Masters (Shihans)
  • 2014 Obtained 6th Dan Shihan- Technical Panel AMA Masters (Shihans)
  • 2021 Obtained 7th Dan Kyoshi Shihan - Technical Panel AMA Masters (Hanshi's)

Shihan Simon Weaver – 5th Dan Black Belt


Shihan Simon Weaver started training in Martial Arts in 1990, in the style Yamaguchi Goju-Kai

Grading History:

  • 1999 Obtained 1st Dan Grade,
  • 2002 Obtained 2nd Dan Grade,
  • 2007 Obtained 3rd Dan Grade, Technical Panel AMA Masters (Shihans)
  • 2012 Obtained 4th Dan – Technical Panel AMA Masters (Shihans)
  • 2018 Obtained 5th Dan - AMA Senior Upgrade
  • 2020 - Award title of Shihan - Karate Master

Sensei Bernard Mabey – 4th Dan Black Belt



Sensei Bernard Mabey started training in Martial Arts in 2000, in the style Goju-Kai

Grading History:

  • 2007 Obtained 1st Dan Grade, under Shihan Peter Wright and Sensei Simon Weaver
  • 2011 Obtained 2nd Dan Grade, under Shihan Peter Wright and Sensei Simon Weaver
  • 2014 Obtained 3rd Dan Grade, under Shihan Peter Wright and Sensei Simon Weaver
  • 2018 Obtained 4th Dan Grade, under Shihan Peter Wright and Sensei Simon Weaver


Sensei Phil Mann– 3rd Dan Black Belt



I have practised karate since 1985, mostly under Sensei Pat O’Keeffe in Modka Karate Jutsu, a practical fighting style comprising elements of karate (Inshin Ryu, Wado Ryu, Goju Ryu & Kickboxing influences), Judo, Aikido, Ju-Jutsu and weapons. I gained my 1st Dan Black Belt in 1991 and achieved 2nd Dan in 1995.

Since January 2011, I have trained under Shihan Peter Wright in Goju-Kai Karate, and gained my 1st Dan in Goju-Kai in December 2012 and in 2014 I obtained my 2nd Dan Black Belt. My most recent achievement was taking my 3rd Dan Black Belt under Shihan Pete Wright.


Sempai Buster Collins- 3rd Dan Black Belt 



My earliest memory of Karate is Sensei teaching me how to bow. Back in 2007, I recall watching both Sensei Bernie and Shihan Pete teaching a 7-year old me the importance of bowing correctly. I remember the demonstration involved Sensei Bernie bowing incorrectly towards Shihan Pete and getting kicked in the face. Throughout Primary school I trained 3 times a week at my school, Friars. I also began attending Saturday sessions at the Ambleside club once I had reached 3rd Kyu, allowing me to further my ability with the help from all three Sensei, Shihan Pete, Sensei Simon and Sensei Bernie. Since secondary school I have continued to train at the Ambleside 4 days a week, and am now proud to say that I have now become the club’s second student to have reached 2nd Dan Junior.



Sempai Chris Andrews– 2nd Dan Black Belt

I started training with Sensei Pete, Simon and Bernie at the age of 16 in 2011. I achieved my first Dan in July 2014. Training with this club has been a big part of my life. I have always enjoyed karate and everything that entails, both physically and mentally, even when I'm playing the role of punch bag! The morals and attitude displayed by all Sensei and students are fantastic and mean I will be training for years to come. 


Sempai Steve Antonie - 2nd Dan Black Belt

My journey started in 2009 when a comment passed by Sensei Pete got me thinking, the question to him was my daughter trained with you at Friars school now she has left can she join you club at Southchurch, his response was yes of course why don't you come too bring some joggers and a t-shirt join in you may enjoy it, nearly 6 years later I was presented with my 1st Dan Black belt by Sensei's Pete & Simon. It's been a tough but enjoyable journey with 3 amazing Sensei's in Pete, Simon and Bernie to guide me every step of the way.  Shihan Pete runs a very respectable family club with a relaxed atmosphere his dedication to karate and attention to each and every student be it a white belt junior to a black belt senior is unprecedented. I am training hard for my 2nd Dan grading in the near future, I hope. 


Caven Govier- 2nd Dan Senior Black Belt


Neil Scrivener - 2nd Dan Senior Black Belt



Curtis Pettifer - 2nd Dan Senior Black Belt


Georgina Pettifer - 1st Dan Senior Black Belt


Izzy Cowell- 1st Dan Senior Black Belt


I began karate in September 2013 at the age of 6 at Thorpe Greenways school doing just 1 hour a week. I wanted to learn karate after watching the karate kid and loved the different moves he could do, the way he was taught to protect himself. My first grading was that winter and from there I increased my hours by attending the sessions held at the Ambleside social club.

Since then I have worked my way successfully through all my belts and in March 2018 I achieved my black belt 1st Dan. A very proud moment for me as it has been my dream for years.

I began competing in karate competitions February 2014 where I performed well & achieved a bronze medal in kumite. I then continued working hard, attending all AMA training sessions & more competitions & in June 2017 Sensei Pete informed me that id been chosen to become a member of the AMA karate squad. Again another very proud moment in my karate journey. I have since then won 1st place in kumite at the AMA National Championships in Manchester 2017.

In September 2017 I achieved 1st place in kata at the Toywakai Championships in Clacton. My future aspirations are to continue working hard, improving my skills to enable me to place in the World Championships.


Leticia Bilby- 2nd Dan Junior Black Belt 






Callum Rawlinson- 2nd Dan Junior Black Belt

My name is Callum and I have been doing karate since 2014, when I was five years old.

My goal was to become a black belt and do many competitions, or even start teaching my own club.

I became a black belt in 2019, at the age of eleven, and I am now focusing on competing in international competitions.

I am very grateful to Sensei Pete and all the brilliant people at the club, who have helped me achieve my dream.


Jasmine Baker - 1st Dan Junior Black Belt 

I started karate in January 2016 when I was 6 years old.  My first lesson was at an afterschool club on a Friday afternoon and I really enjoyed it - it was great fun and I loved training with Sensei Pete.

I increased my training hours when I started to do my gradings and as well as going to the after-school club I also used to go to the Ambleside Club to train a few evenings a week too. 


In December 2020 I got my black belt and I was so happy! I am very grateful to the amazing people that have helped me at the club, and I am looking forward to training for my 2nd Dan grading in the future.


Louise Richardson - 1st Dan Junior Black Belt 


Tyreece Bilby - 1st Dan Junior Black Belt 


Tyler Childs- 1st Dan Junior Black Belt 


Daniel Lench- 1st Dan Junior Black Belt  


Max Wilson- 1st Dan Junior Black Belt 


Saeed Ullah- 1st Dan Junior Black Belt 


I started training in 2016 when I was age 7 at Greenways Primary school. Since that day I have been training hard and have been listening to the feedback from Sensei Pete and every other person from the club who have helped me achieve Black belt. Special thanks to Sensei Pete, Sensei Phil and Neil who helped me the most to achieve this dream.