Welcome our newest Sensei to our Team - Sensei Buster 3rd Dan Goju-Kai Karate


Senior Grading:

Congratulations to those students grading on 24 July 2021 -

·        Sempai Buster Collings for passing his 3rd Dan Black Belt

·        Sempai Caven Govier for passing his 2nd Dan Black Belt

·        Sempai Neil Scrivener for passing his 2nd Dan Black Belt

 ·        Sempai Curtis Pettifer for passing his 2nd Dan Black Belt





Senior Grading:

Congratulations to

·        Sensei Simon Weaver for his upgrade to 5th Dan Black Belt

·        Sensei Bernard Mabey for passing his 4th Dan Black Belt

·        Sempai Steve Antonie for passing his 2nd Dan Black Belt

·        Sempai Buster Collins for passing his 2nd Dan Black Belt



WUKF - World Championships Dundee 2018

Congratulations to our team who attended the WUKF World Championships in Dundee. This was over 4 days involving over 2,750 competitors from all over the World. Our team consisted of:

·        Sensei Bern Mabey

·        Zac Finnie

·        Aaron Webster

·        Izzy Cowell

·        Vicki Webster

·        Tyreece Bilby

·        Leticia Bilby

·        Sofi Dalipi

I would like to thank the students and parents for supporting our club (Zanshin Ryu) the AMA and WUKF. Also I would like to thank Sensei Bern Mabey; he has been amazing in taking over as our club coach helping not only our students but many from the AMA. 

Our results are as follows:

Zac Finnie – World WUKF Kumite Champion – yes he won GOLD!!!!!!

Zac Finnie – Goju Kata – Silver

Aaron Webster – Goju Kata – Bronze

Bern Mabey – Bronze Rotation Team Kumite


All of our students performed to the highest level and have made us very proud of you all.







We have developed a new Club Track Suit - if you would like to order any of the items please use the following link:




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Sensei Pete and Andy Payne travelled to Scotland to participate in the 4th European Seniors and Veterans Karate Championships 30th May – 03rd June 2012. Both entered the Veterans Goju Kata Event; however due to a low number of entries both categories was cancelled and the entrants moved to the Open Kata Events.

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